Mindfulness In Montessori

Mindfulness in Montessori:

Mindfulness in Montessori can be observed and experienced by being present with a child, by observing their language and their movements. Actively listening to what the child is saying and what thoughts they share and to whom they say and share them with, can present many creative ways to connect and cultivate learning moments that have a healthy and lasting impact on them.

An interconnected form of being mindful and present -by way of observation and connection, for example, with a child in the classroom is within the duration of a lesson. When a child is offered and presented a lesson, being present with them models and expresses grace and courtesy such as kindness, respect for space and time, focus and productive attention.

An equally important aspect of mindfulness that is embedded in Maria Montessori’s pedagogy, and tightly integrated in the atmosphere of every interior and exterior environment is the preparation of oneself -the adult. Being mindful and present with your thoughts, your words and your actions will

help you to model to the child: grace and courtesy for each learning process and developing wholesome relationships in every aspect of their development.

-Julie Agiannidis

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