Dearcroft Montessori Presents: Montessori At Home Course

Topics Covered:

  • Who was Maria Montessori:
    • Explore the life and contributions of Maria Montessori, the Italian physician and educator who developed the Montessori method.
  • Practical Life:
    • Delve into the Practical Life aspect of Montessori education, which focuses on everyday activities that promote independence, coordination, and concentration.
  • Sensorial:
    • Understand the Sensorial materials and activities in Montessori, designed to refine and enhance the child’s senses, aiding in cognitive development.
  • Language:
    • Explore the Montessori approach to language development, emphasizing activities that foster reading, writing, and effective communication skills.
  • Culture:
    • Discover the Cultural curriculum in Montessori education, encompassing geography, history, science, and other subjects to broaden a child’s understanding of the world.
  • Math:
    • Delve into the Montessori method of teaching mathematics, which often involves hands-on materials to build a strong foundation in mathematical concepts.

Course Details:

  • The course will be held in the evenings at 297 Oak Walk Drive (DTC),  from 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm, making it accessible for working parents.
  • Sessions are spaced out allowing participants time to absorb and implement the concepts discussed.
  • All participants must attend the full sessions. 

Registration Information:

  • To register, please email, for more information.
  • The registration is open to Dearcroft Montessori School Registered Parents and Parents to apply a Montessori foundation at home with their children.

This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the key elements of Montessori education, providing parents with insights and practical knowledge to implement Montessori principles at home. If you have any specific questions or if there’s additional information you’re looking for, feel free to reach out to the Principal, Anna Campbell. 

About Anna Campbell:

Anna Campbell is the Principal of Dearcroft Montessori Trafalgar Crossing. As the Director of Programming at Dearcroft Montessori School’s three Campuses; she is also an AMI (American Montessori Internationale) and AMS (American Montessori Society) trained teacher as well as an AMS teacher-trainer. Anna has over 30 years experience and has created, developed and implemented the Elementary programs at Tall Pines and Dearcroft, as well as the Preschool Program at Rotherglen and Brampton Montessori Schools. Anna is a mother of two children with a background in Early Childhood Education.