Opening September 2024

New! State-of-the-art Montessori Elementary Classroom (Grades 1-6)

Discover our 4,000-square-foot classroom, complete with a live green wall, floor-to-ceiling windows, a Music and Art Studio, a Science Discovery Area, and an outdoor balcony with green space for lunch and work. Enjoy a quiet mezzanine workspace with a library. Located in Oakville’s Urban Village, our school offers access to hiking trails, Lions Valley Park, 16 Mile Creek Sportsplex, and interconnected green spaces like Memorial Park. With stylish interiors and proximity to the Go Station and urban amenities, our school provides a vibrant, inspiring learning environment.

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55 Years of Operation

For over 55 years Dearcroft Montessori School has been one of Canada’s original Montessori institutions, cultivating and shaping young minds in the Montessori tradition, providing the infinite journey of education. Our unique educational approach is engaging and enriched, with a tailored focus on the whole child.

Diverse programing

Our Montessori Elementary program offers hands-on exploration in a natural ravine setting, enhancing botany and science studies. We provide robotics, coding, STEM workshops, enriched French and Mandarin, mindfulness and yoga in our outdoor space, choir, musical instruments, and a Drama Club. Our integrated curriculum, including Montessori’s Five Great Lessons, fosters holistic development beyond mere skill acquisition, nurturing a deep understanding of the natural world, human knowledge, and self-awareness. Children gain a sense of purpose and interconnectedness, fostering gratitude and a profound connection to the world around them.

Real World Education

Experiential opportunities are woven into the curriculum, providing students with real world education that enriches a student’s development of life skills and character. From trips in Junior Elementary to Camp Muskoka and in Senior Elementary to Quebec City, Ottawa, and Camp Wanakita, students develop an appreciation for our natural world, and an understanding of historic and culturally significant events and destinations. These experiences help with developing a strong sense of self and curiosity that inspires and motivates students through the power of memory and experience.

Dearcroft Montessori

Key Classroom Features:

  • 4000 square feet of classroom
  • Live green wall 
  • Floor to ceiling big windows to let the natural light through
  • Music and Art Studio 
  • Science Discover Area
  • Outdoor balcony and green space with tables for lunch time and work time.
  • A Mezzanine for a quiet workspace with a library 
  • Situated in the core of Oakville’s Urban Village, surrounded by an abundance of options for outdoor activities including hiking trails, Lions Valley Park and 16 Mile Creek Sportsplex, including green spaces
  • Uniquely situated in a growing community, with close access to the Go Station and urban amenities
  • Lush and stylish interior designs 
  • Green Spaces are interconnected by pathways including Memorial Park and Town Centre Square and Windfield Parkette.

Montessori Elementary Curriculum Program Advantages:

  • Outdoor space in the ravine to explore hands-on in nature furthering the study of botany, and science.
  • Robotics and coding 
  • STEM workshops
  • Enriched French (comprehensive immersion experience in French language and culture)
  • Mandarin 
  • Mindfulness and yoga in outdoor green space
  • Choir and various musical instruments
  • Drama Club
  • Integrated Curriculum using Montessori’s Five Great Lessons 
  • Goes beyond the usual goals of skill development and addresses the development of the whole person. 
  • Children who work in our Montessori Elementary program understand the natural world, of human knowledge and of themselves. 
  • Montessori Elementary education demonstrates how each particle, each substance, each species, and each event in the universe did not just “happen”, but that everything has a purpose and a contribution to make in the development of our universe. 
  • The child feels a sense of interconnectedness and gratitude about the world in which she/he lives.

Hallmarks of a Dearcroft Education:

  • Diverse Physical Education Program rich in experience encouraging life-long participation in physical activity. Sports such as a skating and shinny program, swimming and cross-country races. 
  • Experiential Opportunities such outdoor educational learning experiences including, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, orienteering, broomball, skating on the Rideau Canal, Paddling Heritage Creeks, participating in activities that complement our Botany and Zoology curriculum. 
  • Great Lakes and Canadian Heritage Curriculum
  • Natural bright, spacious classrooms with optimal class sizes 
  • After School activities 
  • A tailored focus of the whole child
  • Legacy of encouraging physical literacy while teaming up with charities, such as Jump Rope for Heart and Terry Fox Run


Opportunities for meaningful experiences such as community involvement, real world involvement that expands and supports their curriculum. 


A Montessori education, due to its unique ability to identify and nurture individual strengths, does a remarkable job of creating graduates who go on to change the world. The founders of Google, Amazon and Wikipedia are fine examples of innovative, creative and fearless entrepreneurs who started their academic journeys in boundaries…creating exciting new paradigms within their chosen fields. Their business cultures and outstanding examples of meaningful change and as individuals they have emerged as world ambassadors of inspired learning.