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Now offering enriched French Casa curriculum 5 days a week!

410 Rebecca St. Oakville, L6K 1K7
Located in the YMCA

Dearcroft Montessori Rebecca
(Satellite location)

Now celebrating over 55 years in operation, Dearcroft Montessori remains a long-standing pillar of Montessori education in Oakville. Today there is an increasing demand for high-quality Montessori education in the early years. In response we are pleased to announce that we are opening a satellite location in the South-Central part of Oakville. This school will be located in the Rebecca Street YMCA and will have Toddler and Casa programs for ages 18 months through to 6 years.

We are pleased to offer new families our exceptional Montessori educational programs, where the curriculum is tailored to meet the needs of each student. Our experienced staff take great pride in offering a warm and engaging environment for students. Founded in 1968, Dearcroft is Oakville’s original Montessori School.

Located within the Peter Gilgan Family YMCA of Oakville

Located within the Peter Gilgan Family YMCA of Oakville, our close-knit school community will offer bright and spacious naturally lit classrooms, with entrances to the playground from the classrooms. This space is designed for children to foster the development of gross-motor movement keeping in-line with Montessori best practices, all classrooms feature: multi-age environment, low student/teacher ratios, hands-on experiential learning, and individual and small group lessons.

Dearcroft Montessori School’s mission is to provide our students with the opportunity to develop and nurture their individual academic and social strengths in a safe and motivational learning environment. We are committed to the students at our school and ensure that they feel happy and safe in an inclusive environment within a supportive matrix of care, encouragement, and challenge.

How We Differ:

Within classically structured and fully equipped Montessori classrooms, our students experience an exciting, well-balanced curriculum with a strong emphasis on a healthy lifestyle. Research confirms that activity throughout the day helps students to improve their academic skills, and this is just one of the many benefits we see by encouraging physical movement. Our hope is that students who leave Dearcroft Rebecca after Casa will enter Elementary with a strong understanding of healthy lifestyles, a desire to try new physical activities and a true love of being active. 

If you have not been able to visit our school at the YMCA, we welcome you to get acquainted with our new space and encourage you to come for a tour. Please feel free to contact our administrative team for further information. 

Dearcroft Montessori Rebecca is now offering an enriched French Language Curriculum 5 days a week!

At Dearcroft Montessori Rebecca campus, we are proud to provide our Casa students with a comprehensive and enriching educational experience rooted in the Montessori philosophy. In addition to our well-rounded curriculum, we offer an enriched French Language program on an immersive scale 5 days a week. Our students will benefit from the beauty and intricacies of the French language and culture while still benefiting from the individualized, child-centered Montessori approach.

Why Choose a French Language Curriculum in a Montessori Environment?

Scientific evidence supports the notion that the early years, specifically from birth to around six years old, are an optimal period for children to learn multiple languages. This period is often referred to as the “critical period” or “sensitive period” for language acquisition.

Research has shown that early exposure to a second language has numerous cognitive, academic, and cultural benefits. By integrating the study of French into our Montessori environment, we provide our students with a unique opportunity to develop language skills, cultural awareness, and a global perspective from an early age.

Benefits of Our French Language Curriculum:

  1. Enhanced Cognitive Abilities: Studies have demonstrated that learning a second language leads to improved problem-solving skills, enhanced creativity, and a greater capacity for multitasking and critical thinking. By engaging in our French Language curriculum, your child can reap these cognitive benefits and develop a flexible and agile mind.
  2. Cultural Appreciation: learning a new language is not merely about acquiring vocabulary and grammar. It is also a gateway to understanding different cultures, traditions, and perspectives. Our French Language program fosters cultural appreciation by immersing students in the rich heritage of Canada’s French-speaking community, including its literature, arts, history, and traditions.
  3. Improved Communication Skills: Proficiency in multiple languages opens doors to effective communication with a broader range of people, both locally and globally. Our French Language curriculum equips students with the building blocks to be confident learners in the elementary levels, with the goal of being able to engage in meaningful conversations, express their thoughts, and connect with French-speaking communities worldwide.
  4. By incorporating French language learning into our Montessori approach, through the use of hands-on learning materials, engaging songs and stories, we provide a non-pressure environment for students to build a solid foundation for future academic success and lifelong language acquisition.

Give your child the gift of language and cultural exploration. Enroll them in our Montessori School with an enriched French Language curriculum. Contact us today to schedule a visit, meet our passionate team, and learn more about the benefits of our unique Montessori educational offering.

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