Our Programs



The Toddler Program is for children between the ages of 18 months and 3 years old. This is the period when children’s lives are the most formative, in that they absorb impressions from all aspects of their surroundings.


2.5 – 5 YEARS OLD

At this level, the child’s classroom is a prepared environment designed to stimulate interest and exploration. Through the use of the unique Montessori materials, children learn by associating abstract concepts with a myriad of sensorial experiences.

Junior & Senior Elementary

GRADES 1 – 6

Our Elementary classes (both Junior and Senior) are led by dynamic teams of highly experienced and dedicated teachers.  Our three year classroom structure allows for students to have consistency, challenge and most importantly individualized instruction.

West Wind Junior High

GRADES 7 – 8 

West Wind Junior High (WWJH) is a two-year model that prepares students for success in high school and real life experience. Inspired by the classic adolescent Montessori model, our program provides an integrated, experience-based curriculum intended to stimulate students’ minds.

Extended Care

Dearcroft offers before and after school care for an additional fee. Our experienced staff take great pride in offering activities such as arts and crafts and gym time, and continues development of movement, independence, language and creativity in a prepared environment.